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supreme Snapbacks REGINA The Grey Cup and collectible pins have long gone hand in hand.From the early 1960s to the early 1990s, members of the media were given special pins for identification at the big game. Broadcasters like TSN and CBC have produced pins. Pins are also crafted to commemorate Canadian Football League champions and less successful “teams” like the Atlantic Schooners and are produced annually by festival planning committees.Promotional items like Livestrong style bracelets have come and gone over the years, but pins have stood the test of time.One reason for the pins’ longevity is their appearance.The logo of the year’s Grey Cup is usually already designed, but Barry Taman of Regina’s Laurie Artiss: The Pin People believes his company knows how to make the most of its metal.”When it comes to hosting the pins,” Taman said with a smile, “we’re pretty good at adding just that extra little bit of flair to it, whether it’s adding the mascot to the pin with the logos and things like that.”If you look at a pin really closely,” he continued supreme Snapbacks.