Gem of the week: With glowing write ups in USA Today, a new video directed by Sean Penn for Who Will Save Your Soul and a single on the Billboard magazine charts, it seems that Jewel has many facets of her career sparkling. This 20 year old grew up on an 800 acre estate in Alaska and wound up in San Diego living in the back of her Volkswagen van and playing coffeehouses for food money. Fate intervened in the form of a record deal, and soon she found herself with a hit album, Pieces of You, produced by Neil Young’s main man Ben Keith.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Although he’d told the UAM chancellor who hired him that he intended to win a Division II national championship in five years, Newell had losing records his first three years in Monticello. This year, the Boll Weevils are winning, near the top of the Western Division of the GSC, and ranked among the top Division II teams of the South Region. It’s the first time a UAM team has been ranked, Newell says Cheap Jerseys from china.