In January, UNK announced its partnership that made Under Armour the official outfitter of Loper Athletics. The multi year agreement which went into effect July 1 gives Under Armour the right to provide on field and training gear to UNK’s 17 varsity sports. Under Armour also is outfitting UNK coaches and members of the athletic department staff..

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Gott to meet the princess! one excited mom told CHEK News. Was the most amazing experience I ever had! got to shake the princess hand, Loreen Topping said. said she wished she brought the little ones down, especially George to see the lights on the building.

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(Watch) The government’s newly solicitous attitude towards Team Anna comes after it has sullenly watched thousands of people embrace Anna’s war cry against corruption. His camp in Delhi has drawn unprecedented crowds despite the alternately hot and rainy days that Delhi has traversed recently. They said Anna may not relent till there was a written commitment from the government’s side.